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5 things I wish I knew about Essay Writing – FreeEssayWriter

Hearing the word ‘Essay’ can shoot a person down into the pits of boredom. An essay writer can feel boxed by the topic at hand and the essay format, but let me tell you that you can have fun once you learn to cheat through the structures and let your creativity flow.

There are many Types of Essays that one comes across. Some of the main ones are:

  •         Persuasive: Helps persuade the audience over a point of view.
  •       Descriptive: Weave a description of a subject evoking emotions
  •     Expository: Explain and discuss a thing, a process, or an issue.
  •       Narrative: Tell something through a story

Others include Definition essays, Synthesis Essays, and Critical Essays

Here’s what I wish I knew when I labored through my essays when I couldn’t dodge them:

A killer introduction for a killer essay

Your best writing should come at the start. Your introduction paragraph should be a killer. Remember you don’t want your reader to be bored from the get-go, instead, you should hook them to the topic at hand. Either it’s through building suspense or putting down a bold statement and of course, giving them a taste of what’s is to come ahead.  Introduction is the main part of an essay, to make it perfect you can also get help from online essay writing service.

A strong hook combined with some skill will always land your catch.    

What actually drives an essay

We all have been fed the parts of the essay namely: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, but we were hardly aware until later on about what gives the life to the essay: Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences.

The Thesis Statement is the heart of the essay. It comes towards the end of the Introductory paragraph; It tells the reader what the central theme of the essay is, and what is to come next. Similar to handing your reader a compass so they will always find their way back home after you let them wander and explore your point of view. To make your thesis statement perfect you can also get help from online write essay for me service..

Topic sentences are what each paragraph will begin with. It is the sentence where you will tell the reader what the paragraph is going to discuss. It introduces the paragraph and makes sure the writing doesn’t ramble from the main theme.  

Use the least trodden road.

Most of the times you will be assigned topics that are common and trite. With no novelty attached writing becomes a tedious job. This is where the simple advice to adopt the stance that goes against the grain. Be bold and blatant if you want just to spice things up.

This way the writing becomes forcefully unique and the readers get easily hooked after being bolted from the blue by your unique point of view.   

Write to provoke or challenge the reader’s mindset or flip his poles

Build up to your strongest point

When writing an essay, it is usually ill-advised to start off with the strongest point. Rather one should build-up to it. With the strongest point upfront, you are pushing the reader down a slow sloping gradient.

Use comics and a variety of other material for the examples

While this is not applicable to every type of essay out there but with a bit of ingenuity, you can use popular comic characters and their storylines to bounce off your theories and ideas against them. 

If you are writing about moral values what better than using the villain-hero dynamics in the comics to morally judge the actions and outcomes, in this stage you can also get help from write my essay service for better outputs. For example, should Batman kill the Joker? Why and Why not? You can make scenarios as you go with different topics, in different types of essays. Once hooked, your eyes will brighten up upon hearing the word ‘essay’.

Don’t let an essay format box you in. Challenge yourself in every format to let your creative juices flow, such that you turn even the mundane of the topics to essay-gold! 

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